In the Kitchen … Making Ice Cream

I’ve been in an ice cream mood for weeks. Ever since I wrote a trio of ice cream stories for Image, Around Concord and Best of Burlington magazines. It was great fun discussing all thing ice cream with some of New England’s best ice cream makers, athletes, musicians and comedians.

It was cold and rainy yesterday but I couldn’t help myself. I had to get out my ice cream maker. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a bit of a gadget girl. I love playing with kitchen tools and gadgets. In spite of the dreary chill or maybe because of it, I spent an hour or two working on a new Tiramisu Ice Cream recipe.

It’s still not quite ready for prime time but I had fun playing with my ice cream maker.

Bon appétit!

Are you looking for an excuse to buy an ice cream maker? Try my recipe for Strawberry Gelato. Look for more when the summer heats up!

Quick Tip … make sure your ice cream, gelato or sorbet mixture is VERY cold before you put it into the ice cream maker. I usually put the mix in the freezer for 30-60 minutes to make sure it is cold enough.

Oh…and just so you know, no cash or goods passed hands in return for this post. I’m just a girl who loves gadgets and actually uses them. I’ve had the ice cream maker for years. I bought it at Costco or BJ’s because I’m a sucker for anything priced at $39.95.


I hope you like this new feature. More or less once a week I’ll bring you into my kitchen for tips or a gander at tools. On the other hand, some weeks I may feel the need to share some gorgeous or fun photograph or inspirational quote. It’s a work in progress … and this is only the first installment! Let me know what you think.

More Tips, Tricks & Tools

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2 thoughts on “In the Kitchen … Making Ice Cream

  1. Oh my…now you’ve done it….I’ve seen it only at one place…Jaho Cafe in Salem, MA…and it is Grapefruit Gelato…Mmmmmmm.

    I also have a weakness for chocolate peanut better cup ice cream.

    But it may just be worth buying an ice cream maker if I could manage that Grapefruit gelato!


    • Melissa – I love gelato! And what fun to experiment until you reproduce your favorite flavor or make something just as wonderful. Don’t forget to take notes! Take care, Susan


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