In the Kitchen …Tips for Thanksgiving

A few random thoughts and tips for Thanksgiving …

Order your turkey. Not next week, not when get around to it. Do it now before it slips your mind. Before Thanksgiving is three or four days away and the only turkeys in the supermarket weight thirty-two pounds. (And yes, I speak from experience.)

Whether you’re cooking for four or forty, it helps to pace yourself and do some of the work ahead.

If soup’s on your menu, make it this weekend.
My two favorite Thanksgiving soups freeze beautifully. Young and old alike love my Roasted Butternut Squash Soup. It is perfect for a traditional New England feast. A little more sophisticated, my Wild Mushroom Soup is truly delicious. For both soups, the final step is to add a touch of half and half. Whichever you make, freeze the soup before you add the cream.

Get out the ironing board. 
I hate to iron but I like to use cloth napkins and tablecloth for Thanksgiving. If you do too, iron the napkins while the soup is simmering in the pot.

If you have special dishes or utensils, the kind you only use once or twice a year, check them.
First, figure out where you stored them last year. And second, whether it’s been in a box in the attic or on display, Nana’s gravy boat, the one shaped like a turkey, probably needs a quick wash. And don’t forget her silver ladle, it probably needs some polish.

That’s all for now. More to come.

Bon appétit

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What’s your favorite Thanksgiving trick or tip? I’d love to hear from you! Let’s get a conversation going. To make a comment, just click on Comments below. I hope that you will take a minute to learn about my philanthropic project Eat Well-Do Good. © Susan W. Nye, 2011


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