In the Kitchen – Mason Jars

There must be 101 uses for the ever practical and, in my house, always handy Mason jar. From four ounces to a quart and more, they are great for storage and look fun and funky at the same time.  The Mason jar’s  European cousins, the ones with the hinges, range from two liters down to a half liter are particularly good for storing nuts, chocolate chips and almost anything you need for baking. If you are a jam and jelly maker or can tomatoes, pickles and who knows what else, you’ve been using Mason jars for years … and sharing them with friends and family.

I confess, I don’t make a lot of jelly or pickles or can tomatoes. However, no one said a bottle of wine is the only host gift and I regularly use Mason jars to present tasty treats … I pack Tapenade into a four ounce jar or Spicy Olives into a pint for a savory treat. For a sweet gift, I pour luscious Death-by-Chocolate Sauce or Lemon Curd into an eight ounce jar.

And not just for gifts, Mason jars are great for drinks. I use the eight ounce jar as a tumbler for wine or juice. The twelve ounce and pint jars are good for icy cold drinks like ice tea, Shandies or a gin and tonic. You can also use them as a shaker for your favorite martini.

Large and small Mason jars are handy for prepping and assembling ingredients before you begin cooking. Need a cup of dry red wine for your sauce? Want to pre-measure your herbs and spices? Pop them into a Mason jar, they are perfect choice for your mise en place. Take a peek of me cooking on YouTube, you’ll catch a glimpse of a Mason jar or two in most of the videos.

Enjoy and bon appétit!

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2 thoughts on “In the Kitchen – Mason Jars

  1. I’ve only just discovered mason jars.. I have my first few arriving in the post any day now. I can’t wait to get started. Didn’t think about serving drinks in them though.. that looks really great!


    • Thanks Julia … I use them for drinks a lot in the summer – pop in some wine, a cocktail or a Coke and take it to the beach. They are virtually indestructible. I use them for storage and gifts year-round. Have fun with your Mason jars! …S.


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