Happy 50th Birthday Toast to My Brother John

Last night we celebrated my brother’s 50th birthday. I brought mini cup cakes – 50 of them – Death by Chocolate  with Cream Cheese Frosting and of course I had to say a few words…

I met John before any of you. I remember the morning he was born. My sister Brenda woke me up at about 6 a.m. to tell me we had a new baby brother. She was obviously very excited. I think she asked me if I was too. I told her no, rolled over and went back to sleep.

We met him a few days later when he came home from Newton-Wellesley Hospital. That’s the day I became a middle child. That’s also the day he stole my bedroom.

But back to John. We called him Johnny then but he was often referred to as the god loved angel. In spite of my indifference he was a cute baby, a little skinny with long arms and legs, white gold curls and a charming disposition. My mother was putty in his hands.

We are all grateful that John was born because without him our family history would be vague at best.

For example … we are hard put to answer the question – When did you move to Jackson Road? Only answer we are able to come up with … well, it was before John was born so it was before 1962.

But ask … when did you build the house in New Hampshire? That one is easy. John was 4 so it must have been 1966. All major purchases, life changes and vacations can be dated by John’s age at the time.

When did you ski Aspen? Well it was February vacation. John broke his leg. He was 8. It was 1971.

When did Susan move to Switzerland? John was in his last year at BU so it must have been 1984.

When did my dad retire? Well, John graduated from BU the year before, so it must have been 1985.

How many years have my parents been married? Well the weekend John married Jen was their 40th anniversary. So John’s been married 21 years which makes it 61 for Mom and Dad.

Oh … and by the way we moved to Jackson Road in 1959. I had just turned 4.

So here’s to you Johnny, the god loved angel … may you have 50 wonderful more years! We’re counting on it. Otherwise, we’ll never be able to remember when anything happened! Happy Birthday!
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