In the Kitchen with Silicon!

No, not the enhancements favored by fading starlets, not the spray your manly men use to stop the hinges from squeaking … Today I’m talking about silicon kitchen tools!

At least ten years ago I heard about something called a Silpat. Made in France, these nonstick silicon baking mats promised to keep my cookies from sticking and sheet pans clean. Being a gadget girl, the next time I found myself in the mall (I lived near a mall in those days), I wandered into the nearest kitchen store to buy two or three. At $25 a pop, I figured I could wash the pans. It wasn’t as if I was baking cookies every week. Since I was still working a five-to-nine (no, that’s not a typo) day job, homemade cookies were a rarity in my house.

Since I was already there, I spent at least an hour meandering through the store, (drooling) and coveting more or less everything on the pricy shelves. A certified gadget girl, I am also a certifiable bargain hunter. Imagine my delight when I bumped into a pile of silicon spatulas and spoonulas. A spoonula is a spatula shaped like a spoon. Delight because the two cheap rubber spatulas in my kitchen drawer were definitely on their last legs and  barely usable. AND these sale corner specials were a buck a piece. Although I was tempted to belt out a big woot! woot! I managed to contain myself.

So I bought four each, spatulas and spoonulas. I didn’t think I really needed that many but at a buck, I figured they would make good stocking stuffers. But no, they never made it into anyone’s stocking. I use them every day for everything from scraping a bowl of batter to moving veggies around a sauté pan (they’re good to 500 degrees) and stirring soup. Nonstick they clean up in a flash and go in the dishwasher. I’ve had them for about ten years and they are starting to show the worse for wear so I’m on the lookout again.

Back to silicon baking bats, I’ve got more good news. About five years ago I wandering through HomeGoods and came across two no-name silicon mats. They come in very handy during the holidays when I do most of my cookie baking and candy making.

Happy cooking and bon appétit!

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2 thoughts on “In the Kitchen with Silicon!

    • Sharyn – Microplane graters are terrific. They are so quick. I don’t bake every week and usually forget that I have a dough cutter when I do – thanks for the reminder. I’m with you on the pizza stone and peel. Have a great weekend – Susan


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