Black Fly Weekend Special

Daffodils_VaseLike clockwork, they arrive just in time for Mother’s Day. Yes, the black flies are here. You can implore them – they won’t listen. You can ignore them – they’ll bite you anyway. Whatever you do, they will win in the short term. So relax, cover up and know they will be gone in time for a Dad’s Day game of golf!

Why not make the best of it and commiserate with friends this weekend? Here are a few ideas:

First of all, a festive cocktail is in order!

Black Fly Fizz
1 pound frozen blackberries, thawed
1/4 cup fresh lime juice
2 tablespoons or to taste brown sugar
Framboise, very cold
Dark rum, very cold
Sparkling water or club soda, very cold

Put the blackberries, lime juice and sugar in a blender or food processor and process until smooth. Strain the juice through a sieve and discard the seeds and pulp. Store the juice in the refrigerator until ready to serve. Makes about 1 cup blackberry-lime juice, enough for 4 cocktails

For each cocktail, combine 1 ounce dark rum with 1/2 ounce Framboise and 2 ounces blackberry-lime juice in a martini or other pretty glass. Top with 2-4 ounces of sparkling water and serve.

If you have a crowd coming, mix up a batch of the rum, framboise and juice in a pretty pitcher or carafe and keep in the refrigerator or freezer (be careful, it will start to freeze after a couple of hours). To serve: pour into individual glasses and top with sparkling water.

And to nibble? Well, how about some Tapenade with wedges of cucumber and bell pepper and your favorite crackers? If you want to get a little fancy, you could add some Roasted Shrimp with Tarragon Aioli. I had some the other night – these shrimp are really delicious.

Ready for the Table! Instead of a salad, how about some delicious  to start? Then move on to Roast Salmon with a delicious aioli. Either my Sun-dried Tomato or Spicy Red Pepper Aioli would equally delicious. Looking for a great side dish to go with the salmon, try my White Beans Provençal with Bacon & Baby Kale . Everyone loves this all-in-one side dish. An added bonus, you can make it in advance and reheat for a stress-free party.

cupcakes_03Call me silly but with black flies buzzing about, I think chocolate chips should play a role in dessert. Try my Coconut Cupcakes or Chocolate Chip Cupcakes and decorate liberally with chocolate chips! And maybe a few nuts and a little coconut. Why not? You deserve it for putting up with those flies.

Enjoy the weekend and bon appétit!

What’s up with you this weekend? I’d love to hear from you! Let’s get a conversation going. To make a comment, just click on Comments below. I’d be delighted to add you to the growing list of blog subscribers. To subscribe: just scroll back up, fill in your email address and click on the Sign Me Up button. You’ll get an email asking you to confirm your subscription … confirm and you will automatically receive a new story and recipe every week.

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© Susan W. Nye, 2014

2 thoughts on “Black Fly Weekend Special

    • Linda – Enjoy! You could use any of the three aiolis in the post with the shrimp. I like them all! The tarragon aioli is also good with salmon and swordfish plus chicken and even lamb. The sundried tomato aioli is great with chicken – use it instead of plain mayonnaise for chicken salad. The roasted pepper aioli is terrific with fresh veggies. Have a great weekend. I’m sure you are not missing the black flies! Take care – Susan


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