Black Fly Weekend Special

The black flies are here and buzzing. Sounds like an excellent excuse to hang out in the kitchen and cook up something amazing. On top of the flies, rain is in the forecast. So, another good reason to spend some quality cooking time.

Why not invite some friends over to share all that great food? Here are a few delicious ideas for your dinner.

Kick things off with a tasty crostini and a glass of prosecco. Rumor has it the first asparagus are in. if you can find some, try my Asparagus Crostini with Sun-dried Tomato Pesto & Goat Cheese . Otherwise, Artichoke Crostini sounds pretty good.

Now then, what to have for dinner? If rain is really in the forecast, then a cozy chowder sounds good. My Lobster-Corn Chowder is really wonderfully. For a taste of the Mediterranean, go for my Seafood Stew. Unless you have a hankering for pasta; then it’s time for my Lemon Pasta & Shrimp with Olives & Capers . Add a nice salad, maybe my Radicchio, Fennel, and Arugula Salad or Rainbow Salad with Black Olive Vinaigrette .

Next, a deliciously sweet and tart dessert to finish dinner. Rhubarb is in season so bake a tasty Crumb Cake or Crisp.

Have a good (if slightly soggy weekend) and bon appétit!

What are you cooking this weekend? I’d love to hear from you! Let’s get a conversation going

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© Susan W. Nye, 2015


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