Raising Money – Raising Hope on June 21st for the Alzheimer’s Association

mom_susie_hikingMy mother has Alzheimer’s Disease and I’m fighting back by raising money to end it. I’ve joined the Alzheimer’s Association’s Longest Day fundraising initiative. Instead of riding my bicycle across the state or building an epic chain of dominos, I’ll be cooking up a storm and then inviting donors to join me for dinner.

Sunday, June 21st is the longest day of the year with 15 hours 23 minutes and 21 seconds of daylight. Plenty of time to whip up a great feast!

Make a donation of $25 or more and join the fun at my Longest Day’s dinner!
It’s first come – first serve so here’s what you do …

First – reserve your spot by emailing me asap.

Next – confirm your reservation with a donation to the Alzheimer’s Association.

You can make your donation on-line on the Team Libby page (named for my mom – Libby).
By check. Make your check out to the Alzheimer’s Association and send it to me (PO Box 1875, New London, NH 03257). I’ll group the checks together and deliver them to the Alzheimer’s Association’s New Hampshire office.

You can donate any amount, large or small, every dollar helps. $25 per person is the minimum for dinner. More is heartily appreciated.

I’m combing my files and cookbooks for summery dishes with at least a hint of Scandinavia. In case you don’t know, the Longest Day or Summer Solstice is a favorite Scandinavian holiday. This year, Summer Solstice falls on Father’s Day so I’ve recruited my dad to help me.

We’ll be serving dinner around 7:00 and you are welcome to arrive at my house any time after 6:30. Please bring a bottle of wine to the dinner. (If it’s white, please make sure it is chilled.) To learn more visit the Eat Well-Do Good page.

Even if you cannot attend the dinner please feel free to join the battle against Alzheimer’s and make a donation to the Alzheimer’s Association. Just send me a check made out to the Alzheimer’s Association or donate on-line on my Team Libby page.

Many thanks and,

Bon appétit!



One thought on “Raising Money – Raising Hope on June 21st for the Alzheimer’s Association

  1. Hi Susan,

    Today you and I talked about the Sunday dinner/fundraiser. I would love to be there but have to send regrets this time.. Because it’s Fathers’ Day I hope we’ll be busy, doing what I don’t know but something I am sure. Lizzie thinks you will do another dinner for the cause and if so, would you put us on your list? (That would be Donn & Lizzie and Ken & Fran)

    I was planning on building an epic chain of dominoes or perhaps challenging you to a cookoff but prefer to donate to the fund. I’ll drop off a check at your house tomorrow (postage has gone up, you see). If you aren’t home will leave it someplace where you can’t miss it. I hope.

    That was a good session today! Thanks for your good advice and comments and never failing patience!.



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