A Sweetheart of a Weekend Special

valentine_roses_03Sunday is Valentine’s Day. How will you celebrate? Reservations at a favorite restaurant? A weekend away at a favorite country inn or an elegant hotel in the big city. Alternatively, maybe you’ll cook a cozy dinner for two at home. For singles, Valentine’s Day has become a favorite time for girls’ night out.

How about a romantic dinner for two! Grab aprons, pop open a bottle of champagne and have fun cooking together.

How to start? Toast a few slices of baguette and top them with my tasty Artichoke Pesto. Nibble and sip while you make a delicious dinner together.

Moving on to a sweet dinner menu. A colorful Lemony Kale & Radicchio Salad will be a wonderful start your dinner. For you main course, how about Oven Braised Chicken with Mushrooms, Onions & Garlic. You’ll have leftovers for a busy day later in the week, or cut the recipe in half. Serve the chicken with Whole Grain Pilaf (or keep it homey with Smashed Potatoes) and Roasted Beets with Sautéed Greens.

Now what about dessert? Traditional types will want to stick with chocolate. So how about Pot de Crème or Lavender Infused White Chocolate Crème and a few strawberries. You might want to add a few airy and delicious Almond Macarons with Chocolate-Raspberry Ganache.

Now what about that girl’s night out idea? See above but … double or triple the recipes as/if needed. It all depends on how many single ladies will be joining you.

Have a great weekend and bon appétit!

For a complete list of and links to all the recipes on this blog Click Here!!

What’s on your agenda this weekend? I’d love to hear from you! Let’s get a conversation going.

Want more? Click here for more seasonal menus! © Susan W. Nye, 2016

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