Cooking Zen Weekend Special

Earlier this week, I wrote about the Zen of cooking. Like many of our everyday tasks, cooking can provide peace of mind through rhythmic, repetitive activities that provide kind and loving care to others. What with the kitchen remodel, it’s not been particularly peaceful at my house. However, we’re in the tunnel and I can see the light.

The floors, cabinets, appliances and counter tops have been installed. It’s not done but I can cook. There is a bunch of odds and ends; a missing light plus a bag of hooks, towel racks and TP holder waiting to be installed. The last of the dishes, pots, pans and tools still need to find their new homes. Plus, there are a few bigger jobs – installing the back splash and giving the walls a second coat of paint.

I’m not quite ready for the kitchen warming but at least, I can cook dinner. What about you? Are you ready to find some peace through the Zen of cooking this weekend? If cooking is not really your thing, consider raking leaves or sweeping the garage.

In case you need some help with your dinner menu, here are a few suggestions for a tasty fall dinner:

To start –
Enjoy a bowl of Feta Walnut Spread with fresh vegetables and pita chips

Sit down to –
One of my favorite salads – Lemony Kale & Radicchio Salad

Move on to –
Mediterranean Meatballs with Couscous

Finish it off with –
Old-Fashioned Apple Crisp (Cranberry Coulis is optional)

Have a peaceful weekend and bon appétit!!

For a complete list of and links to all the recipes on this blog Click Here!!

What’s up with you this weekend? I’d love to hear from you! Let’s get a conversation going. To make a comment, just click on Comments below.

Want more? Click here for more seasonal menus! © Susan W. Nye, 2017


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