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I hope you enjoy reading Susan Nye – Around the Table. On the off chance that you haven’t had enough, you can get a glimpse of my life in pictures on my photo blog Susan Nye 365.

Exciting news! Last fall I made my first foray into fiction. My story Murder on the Mountain is the first of (I hope) many fun tales. You can meet cook-turned-sleuth Lizzy Grant in a new anthology of mystery, murder and mayhem. Live Free or Die, Die, Die! Twisted Tales from the Criminal Minds of the Granite State (Plaidswede,October 2011) is available on-line and in bookstores throughout New Hampshire. It’s Volume 2 of the New Hampshire Pulp Fiction  series.

Even better! Lizzy and her family will return in the next New Hampshire Pulp Fiction anthology. Volume 3 of the series is coming soon (but I don’t know how soon) to a bookstore near you (if you live in New Hampshire or just over one of our borders).  My story Northern Lights looks at a family’s struggle with Alzheimer’s Disease but that’s about all I can say for now!

In the meantime, I continue on as a regular contributor to several New England magazines. Here are more than few links to recent work:

New Hampshire Magazine

Morano Gelato – Buona Gelato: A Taste of Italy in the Upper Valley
Ten Years Later – Remembering September 11th in New Hampshire
Not Quite a Queen
Beautiful Artisanal Cheeses at Butters
Celebrate with Cider

Parenting NH – Green Living & Family Fun

FaceBook & Your Teenager
Mom Bloggers
Blogging 101
Valentine’s Day Ideas for Mom & Dad with my recipe for luscious chocolate Pot de Crème
Building a Garden
Helpful Hints for Living Green
Celebrating Earth Day
Flower Power!

Parenting NH – In the Kitchen with Kids

Celebrate Halloween with Pumpkins & Squash with making pasta and baking with kids
What to do with all that wonderful sweet corn
A Wonderful Weekend Breakfast
Get Out the Grill
Dads & Kids in the Kitchen
Easter Baking with Hot Cross Buns & Coconut Cupcakes
Kitchen experiments! Homemade Ricotta plus Ricotta & Honey Crostini and Ricotta Pancakes
Make a New Year’s resolution to cook with your kids! with recipes for Chinese Beef with Broccoli & Noodles and Frosty Banana Yogurt
Christmas Cookies with my recipes for Sugar & Spice Cookies, Snowballs and Double Chocolate Cookies.

Parenting NH – Family Dinners – Information & Recipes

Ease the back-to-school experience with a family dinner of Grilled Chicken Provencal and Risotto with Shoepeg Corn. Enjoy quick and easy 2nd and 3rd dinners with the leftovers.

Let your children get up close and personal with their food with a trip to a Farmer’s Market. Once home enjoy a Family Cookout with Grilled Shrimp, Sausage and Corn. Use the leftovers for a quick and easy Grilled Shrimp & Orzo Salad.

It’s time for a Family Cookout with Grilled Steak and Potatoes with Confetti Salad. Use the leftovers for a quick and easy Couscous & Veggies Salad and serve it with cheesy Turkey Burgers.

Celebrate Mothers’ Day with Tomato & Cheddar Quiche & Homemade Turkey Sausages for a festive family brunch! Then cook up Penne with Quick Marinara Sauce & Sausage with the leftovers.

A taste of spring! Braised Lamb with Vegetables, perfect for Easter or any Sunday dinner plus Greek Pasta with the leftovers.

A Delicious Weekend Dinner with Roast Chicken, Quinoa with Mushrooms & Spinach and a Quick Midweek Dinner Linguine with Chicken, Olives & Capers

Parenting NH – Delicious Dinners on a Budget – Advice & Recipes

Grilled Chicken, Corn & Tomato Salad & More
Braised Pork with Apples & More
Thanksgiving Leftovers: Spicy Turkey Soup & Cheesy Turkey Bake
Braised Beef Bolognese with Penne & White Bean & Sausage Chili
Mac & Cheese & More
Spaghetti & Meatballs & More
Tunisian Chicken Stew & More
Spaghetti Pie with Spinach & Cheese & More
Zucchini & Couscous Salad, Blueberry Cupcakes & More

Around Concord 

Recipes for a Girls Night Out
Bedford Village Inn, Welcome to a Winter Wonderland

Best of Burlington

We Love Burgers!

Here in Hanover

The Ins & Outs of Social Media
Recipe for a Crispy, Crunchy Salad with Lemon Vinaigrette

Merrimack Valley Magazine

Merrimack Valley Diner Tour
Small World – Eating Locally in the Merrimack Valley
Family Skiing in the Merrimack Valley
Christmas with the Chefs
More Christmas with the Chefs

Chic Galleria

Braised Beef Bolognese

The Heart of New England

Black Friday
Sugar on Snow
March Surprises
Understanding Easter
Easter Made Easy
Fly a Kite
Memorial Day Weekend
Dog Days of Summer

Women’s Memoirs
Shaking Up Thanksgiving

Chatter – The Ausbon Sargent Newsletter
The Levine Easement & The Wolf Easement

And finally … I’m one of the growing group of writers on Live to Write – Write to Live. This blog was recently started by New Hampshire Writers’ Network and a few times a month I write about marketing.

2 thoughts on “More to Read

    • Hey Gretchen – Great to connect. I’m living and writing in NH. I’m teaching again – memoir writing to retirees. Lots of fun! Amazing lives and stories. Many changes in the past year – helped my Mom move into the Alzheimer’s unit of the local assisted living facility and moved my dad to my house. I’ve added you to the subscriber list … you’ll get an email asking you to confirm. Take care – Susan


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