Eat Well–Do Good

Good food, good company and good deeds.

What is it? I welcome old friends, new friends and soon-to-be friends around my table for a special dinner. But it’s more than a party. By combining grassroots philanthropy with a fun and festive evening, these dinners raise  money for the Alzheimer’s Association.

Since 2010 generous diners and donors contributed more than $7,000. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Who benefits? Everyone.

There’s me. I get to spend a great evening with wonderful people and see donations funneled to an organization I believe in.
There’s you. You’ll enjoy great company, great food and the happy knowledge that you are helping a worthy cause.
There’s Alzheimer’s Association. They will receive funding they urgently need for a cure, patient care and caregiver and family support.

mom_susie_hikingWhy Alzheimer’s Association? My grandfather had it. Now my mother, along with 5.3 million Americans, suffers from it.

Why a dinner party? My mother never really liked to cook but she always love-love-loved being around the table with family and friends.

How does it work? It’s easy to join the party. You just make a donation to Alzheimer’s Association (minimum $25 per person to join the party) and bring along a bottle of wine on the night of the dinner party. I donate the food and my time so 100% of your donation goes to Alzheimer’s Association. You even get the tax deduction! It is my way of saying thank you for supporting an organization which is near and dear to my heart and my family.

To reserve a spot(s), email me or call me at 603.526.7319. I’ll let you know if space is available. Reservations are first come/first serve. Next, make your donation; you can donate on-line or by check – but please do it quickly. To confirm your spot at the dinner you must send me proof of your donation.

For on-line donations, visit the Team Libby HQ. Alternatively, you can donate by check. Make your check out to The Alzheimer’s Association and send it to me at PO Box 1875, New London, NH 03257. As soon as you confirm your donation, I’ll confirm your seat at the party.

What’s for Dinner? It’s a bit too early to decide but you can count on delightful bistro fare, a little homey and a just a tad elegant. (Please let me know when you sign up if you have any food allergies.)

Dinner will be served around 7:00.You are welcome to arrive anytime after 6:30. Bring your appetite, good cheer and bottle of wine (if it’s white, please make sure it is chilled.)

I look forward to sharing my table with you. Many thanks and bon appétit!


If you would like to receive regular updates on the Eat Well – Do Good Project send me an email with the subject <<Subscribe Eat Well – Do Good>>.

20 thoughts on “Eat Well–Do Good

  1. My husband and I live at the bottom of B.R. …so we are neighbors. Have heard about your wonderful dinners for a wonderful cause. Let us know when you are up and running again. I hope your family health issues work out well your and yours are in our thoughts and prayers. Keep up the wonderful work!


  2. What a terrific idea to plan meals around a special cause. Alzheimers seems to be reaching more and more of our loved ones. It’s a very difficult disease to deal with, and I think it would be great if they find a cure…..but even better…I would put my money on promoting preventions.


    • Many thanks Teresa. I’m doing my best to walk everyday, eat healthy and keep my mind active. My mother has slipped quite a bit in the past year. My dad is her caregiver and does an amazing job. Their’s is a very special love story. Thanks for your support! Susan


  3. Hi Susan, just popped by because of Freshly Pressed (many congratulations!) What a wonderful idea and project you’re doing. Truly inspirational. Here’s to many more animated and enthusiastic discussions around the dinner table!


    • Many thanks … I am thrilled to be freshly pressed and even more so that it was for one of my mom posts. She is a lovely lady. Although she is battling Alzheimer’s Disease she still loves to join her family around the table. Thanks for stopping by and take care – Susan


  4. Sue,
    Marcus and I would love to join you on the 12th. It will be our first but I’ve heard good things! I love what you are doing!
    Lois Magenau


  5. Susan, I’d love to come to dinner with you, as would other friends of yours in Geneva, who enjoyed many a festive meals chez toi when you lived here. I continue to follow your activities and wonderful recipes with interest. Mark


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