Back on Cook’s Corner – Hint of Asia Barbecue Sauce

If you’ve missed me on television … well, yes, it’s been awhile. I’m back today on local ABC affiliate WMUR.

Just in time for your Fourth of July celebration, I’m stirring up a delicious new barbecue sauce. Give it a try at your holiday cookout!

You can find my recipe for Hint of Asia here or watch the video here!


The Long Memorial Day Weekend Special

flag_02It looks like New Hampshire is in for a rainy weekend but what the heck it’s a holiday. You might as well celebrate. Hopefully your roof has a decent overhang and you can stay almost dry at the grill. So what if you eat indoors, it’s the company that matters!

In or out, here are a few ideas for a Memorial Day Weekend feast:

Relax, Nibble and Chat! I found fresh, local asparagus at the, local farm stand yesterday. It is wonderful. Try some on my Asparagus Crostini with Sundried Tomato Pesto & Goat Cheese. Add some Tapenade, some fresh veggies and a few crackers and the appetizers are done.

On to the main course … if you’ve got a big crowd, you can’t miss with my Grilled Lamb or Hoisin Grilled Pork. Salads are great for a cookout. Prepare them in advance, give a last minute toss and serve. My Crunchy Slaw with Cilantro, Mint & Peanuts will be perfect with the grilled pork. If lamb is on your menu, try my Crunchy Salad with Apples & Grapes. Either way, my New Potato Salad Dijon is a good bet to round out your dinner.

For a red, white and blue dessert try my Strawberry & White Chocolate Fool Parfaits. Just add a few blueberries for garnish for the blue. Or churn up some Brown Sugar Yogurt Gelato and serve it with a generous spoonful of berries.

Have a great weekend and bon appétit!

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