Weekend Special – A Nor’easter Is on the Way!

Elkins_Dam_in_the_SnowThe meteorologists are almost jumping out of their skin; they are so excited. With predictions of one for the record books, we are headed into a stormy weekend. It looks like anywhere from ten to twenty-four inches will fall over the next thirty-six hours. As a skier, I have one word … Yippee!

My dad is recovering from surgery so I’m camping out with him. In anticipation of lots and lots of snow, here’s what I’m cooking for us this weekend:

I’m starting with a chicken! Wandering through the supermarket yesterday, I decided a Roast Chicken would make a great way to start a long, snowy weekend. My brother and family may brave the storm to ski, if they do there will be plenty and then some. Not only will we enjoy a delicious old fashioned dinner tonight, there will be plenty left over for sandwiches or soup for the weekend. To build up my patient, I’m going to sauté some leafy greens and roast a big head of cauliflower to go with the chicken. Any leftover cauliflower will be delicious with pasta.

To keep us warm and well-fed throughout the weekend, I’ll use the leftovers in a cozy soup and pasta dish. With the leftover chicken, I will make Curried Thai Soup with Noodles & Chicken, Spicy Chicken Soup or Chicken Noodle Soup with Spinach. (Quick note – unlike a big turkey carcass, my chicken will be too small to make a decent broth so I’ll use a good store-bought broth.) The leftover cauliflower will be tossed with linguine and Carbonara Sauce for another easy night dinner.

I’m stocked up on salad makings, including beets for a Mixed Greens with Roasted Beets, Feta & Walnuts (I think I’ll skip the lentils … or maybe not.) I’ve also stocked up on romaine for Caesar Salad with Parmesan Croutons. (I bought the romaine for a Chinese New Year feast with Lettuce Cups with Shrimp & Noodles.)

Not convinced I’ll be whipping up any sweet treats this weekend. If I do, it’s got to be something cozy like Bread Pudding or use up that last banana for Bananas Foster. Or take my own advice and enjoy a scoop of ice cream with a drizzle of Death by Chocolate Sauce.

Stay, warm, dry and safe! Bon appétit!

How will you weather the storm? I’d love to hear from you! Let’s get a conversation going.

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© Susan W. Nye, 2013